Package unloader model LP


Mistrello glass sheet unloaders are moveable equipment for use in the glass industry.
Manoeuvred by an operator, they allow sheet packages with specific dimensions to be moved safely and with manoeuvrability.
The equipment is made up of a tubular steel (14) frame designed and sized for the loads specified in the identification plate. The lower part of the equipment has two inclining wedges (4) that are manually adjusted based on the sheet package to be moved, the middle and upper part has brackets (3 and 9) that, when manually regulated, block the sheet package vertically and horizontally. The upper brackets are manually adjustable both horizontally and vertically using a handwheel (7 and 8).
The equipment is always supplied with hooks (1), rear support for resting (12) and all of the mounting hardware.
Since the handwheel (7) is located at man height, adjustments are done from the ground without the need for ladders or climbing on the upper part using other means.


The machine is produced in various models depending upon the type of sheet to be moved, as you can see on the side menu.