The latest Officine Mistrello product is the system for stocking single glass sheets (RESTORE).
The system for stocking single glass sheets is used to automatically recover glass residues from cutting optimization. The system can also be used to accumulate glass sheets to be cut, PLF 6000X3210 or DLF 3210X2600 to not stop production during unloading of glass in the storeroom.
The single glass sheet stocking system is modular with a minimum of 10 positions. On each individual position, one or more glass sheets can be stored starting with a minimum size of 1000x1000mm. Obviously the number of sheets that can be stored depends upon the length of the system that can be adapted to the customer's available space and his needs.
The individual glass sheet storing system can be directly integrated with cutting optimization. In this manner, the cut communicates with the sheet storeroom and the pick or deposit process starts automatically without any intervention from the operator.