Classifiers / Racks - "SA" System


In this system (the most common), movement is controlled by an Inverter for progressive startup.
With this type of system gradual acceleration and deceleration ramps can be obtained in order to perform approaching and positioning at reduced speeds and without bumps.
Each movement of the machine is managed by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which all the control buttons refer to and where there is a program installed for the various movements.
Among these, it is very important that we point out the DOUBLE CYCLE. In order to activate the machine, the operator must turn and release one of the two keys in the open direction, then turn and hold the second key in the same direction until the cycle is complete. When passing the machine, the operator must check for the accidental presence of any people inside the Classifier. Once the element to be opened has been decided upon, after selected OPEN on command no. 1, just close and open the handles on the last open element and on the one to be opened and select OPEN on command no. 2 while holding the key turned. In this manner, the machine automatically performs the closing, hookup, unhooking and opening.
If the motorized element is stopped in an intermediary position, then without using either of the two limit switches, the machine cannot perform automatic cycles. In this situation, only manual movements can be used. By rotating either one of the two keys, movement is carried out in the desired direction only at low speed.
The movement is controlled by the presence of inductive limit switches. The gear motor transmits the movement through the shaft with two lateral pinions that glide on the rack.

Technical characteristics
power used0.75 kw up to 250 ton
single phase power supply230 V ±10%
frequency50 Hz
maximum current16 A
type of power supplyTT/TN
breaking capacity10 ka
protections installedDifferential breaker switch idn300mA Cl. A
protection ratingIP55