Racks for Glass / Classifiers for Glass


The racks produced by Officine Mistrello are modular and highly customizable machines whose purpose is to assist in stocking glass sheets, greatly reducing the space used. In fact, the racks (see image) are made of mobile frames that glide on properly sized rails that compact together and, through the operator's management, create space for the loading/unloading (corridor) operation only in the desired position.
In this manner all of the stored material takes up about 1/3 of the space required by traditional fixed stand systems.

The Racks for glass sheets (or pack) and the classifier are produced in various models according to the type of glass sheets that must be stored. The modularity and very high customization possibilities together with our company's great degree of flexibility allow for the creation of a an “ad hoc” machine for the customer based on their needs and under any circumstances, starting with the standard configuration.


In their standard configuration, the classifiers have a motorized element that is always at one end of the machine and that allows for the management of the pulling of the elements to be moved to create the corridor in the desired position, "n" mobile elements that glide on rails and 1 or 2 fixed elements that work as anti-intrusion barriers, a mechanical stop and a fixed stocking element. All of the elements (except for fixed ones), rest and glide on rails attached to the flooring, making the structure solid and secure.
The machines as designed and built by Officine Mistrello, which always pays close attention to items that are inherent to operator security, are equipped with anti-tipping devices and all systems for safeguarding the health and well-being of the individual, as required by current regulations regarding safety in the workplace.
All machines produced by Officine Mistrello are compliant with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the specific regulations for the industry.


The Racks for glass are produced in various models (for a more detailed description, refer to the side menu), both semi-automatic (basic model) and automatic (top of the line). In this manner, Officine Mistrello can propose valid stocking solutions for both small glass shops as well as large glass industries, also ensuring the possibility of interfacing with other devices that may be installed on the customer's premises (i.e. bridge cranes).