Automatic Loader/Unloader


Mistrello automatic loaders are automatic machines for moving glass sheets from the sorters (or fixed stands) to the cutting machines, capable of picking sheets and automatically moving them to the cutting benches. During translation, the loaders also tip the sheet, positioning it horizontally. Then, the sheet is transferred to the bench using a motorized roller.

The loaders glide on rails to the side of glass storerooms. The machine can pick up sheets from both sides (bilateral option).
The loader can also perform complementary operations such as moving the sheets from one element to another.

The operational concept is relatively simple. The moving structure is automatically transferred in front of the stand or preselected element and the telescopic arm,which has a suction cup holder rack, extends and picks up the sheet. The arm with the suction cup will pick the sheet up from the storage location and position it horizontally on the motorized roller. The loader moves towards the sheet ejection position and, using the movement of the motorized roller (transport surface), performs the translation of the sheet towards the machine which will then take over.


The loader is made up of a base (structure), a telescopic arm with suction cup holder rack and a roller for ejecting the sheet. As stated, the machine glides on floor rails via a wheeled unit.


The machine is produced in various models depending upon the type of sheet to be moved, as you can see on the side menu.